Enlist Agreement Meaning

All services use the same registration contract – the Ministry of Defence`s form 4/1. This is the contract used for military registrations and re-enrollment. Of all the papers you signed during the trial to join the army, this is the most important document. Let`s take a standard deposit contract. While most active contracts are mandatory for four years, some offer two-, three- or six-year contracts. The length of service options available to you may depend on the training required for your MOS. Some MOS courses that last longer, for example. B training as a doctor or linguist, may require you to settle for at least six years, while others allow two or three years. Ask your recruiter for the necessary training for different MOS positions and how long they will last. In addition, the two years of active service required under the army`s two-year convening option do not begin until after primary and vocational education, so they are effectively more than two years old. All active services, with the exception of the Marine Corps and the Coast Guard, offer a university loan repayment program (CLRP).

Army reserves, Navy reserves, the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard also offer a limited program to repay university loans. In short, the service will repay all or part of a university loan in exchange for your registration. Credits that qualify: no matter what your staff agent has promised you, if it is not stipulated in writing in the registration contract or in an appendix to the contract, then it is unenforceable. Therefore, if things such as a sign-up bonus or special military schools or training (such as the Army Airborne School or language training at the Defense Language Institute) have been promised to you, they must be in the final registration contract you sign. Indeed, the lowest point of all registration contracts is that anyone who joins a branch of the U.S. Armed Forces signs a first contract with an eight-year duty of service. The registration contract for an active person generally provides for an initial duration of active service of 2 to 5 years, followed by a service in a reserve component of the U.S. Armed Forces for the remainder of the eight-year commitment. [1] Service members whose EHSC, retirement or termination of service are cancelled during a provision may be unintentionally extended until the completion of their unit`s provision. Below are the current incentives offered by the services.

Remember that you can`t negotiate incentives to wait. Military recruiters and employment advisors at MEPS do not have the power to decide who receives an incentive or not.